The Rhodes International Marathon and the Children's Art Gallery of Greece are organizing an International Student Painting Competition entitled:

"As a cradle of culture and sport for centuries, Rhodes inspires paintings by children and young people from all over the world celebrating the ideals of fair play and noble competition" in view of the May 3 training program in 2020.

The competition concerns the creation of paintings dedicated to the values ​​and ideals of the Marathon. Through this process, students learn to think critically, collaborate, research, express, create, and communicate. At the same time, teachers are given the opportunity to try new ways of teaching, while at the same time reinforcing the school's connection to the social environment. Focusing on the ideals of the Marathon responds to the particular needs of our time and to the keen interest of children and adolescents in sports. Particular importance is attached to the relevance of human values ​​to the principles and ideals of the Marathon, in the context of encouraging actions to foster a healthy, open and tolerant society.

The children are called upon to draw inspiration from the most glorious feast of antiquity, the "Fishery" dedicated to the Sun God, the patron of the island of Rhodes and its glorious Rhodes athletes.

Rhodes has been at the forefront of the sport and culture for centuries. In ancient times there were many Olympians from Rhodes, most famously Leonidas Rhodes, who is mentioned as the most prominent runner by ancient writers. His twelve victories made him the most polished athlete in the history of the ancient Olympic Games. His total wins surpassed 2,168 years in the modern Olympic Games.

Following in the footsteps of other great ancient Rhodian athletes, such as Dorotheos, Nicagoras, Diagoras, Akusilaos, Euclus, Klitostratos, the Rhodes International Marathon, is the largest sporting event of the South Aegean that has now emerged. for the traffic movement in Greece and abroad.

"One of the main tasks of the Rhodes Marathon is to promote racing and athletic participation, to" train "the runners of tomorrow, to highlight the island's historical, architectural heritage and natural beauties. That is why we decided to organize this year in collaboration with the Children's Art Gallery of Greece and its president, Mrs. Catherine Klein, a painting competition for children and young people. We are very happy for this cooperation, as the ECO headquarters is located in Rhodes and is housed in a space allocated during the previous term of office of the Regional Authority.

So we invite all pupils and teachers to participate in the competition and look forward to the projects that will be done by children, inspired by Rhodes' historic sporting past, "said the UN president. at the Rhodes International Marathon, Marietta Papavassiliou.

For her part, the President of the Children's Art Gallery of Greece, Catherine Leggou, stated: “The Children's Art Gallery of Greece aims to encourage the art and artistic creation of the young generation of our country. By organizing a variety of educational programs, thematic competitions, painting exhibitions and art events, we release the expression of children through their mother tongue, art. It is with great pleasure that we co-organize this special educational program with the Rhodes Marathon Organizing Committee and invite the international student community to delve into the rich history of our island and to create works that excel in its artistic and athletic path, , living today and looking tomorrow. "

The competition started on January 20 and ends on April 5, 2020. It is international and is aimed at kindergarten, elementary, high school and high school students. This is a Good Practice Competition that is centered on universal human values ​​through the principles and ideals of sport and art.

Information and Participations on the Children's Art Gallery of Greece:

The award ceremony of the distinguished young artists will take place in May 2020 at a special Marathon event.