Organizational Chart

Honorary Committee

Nektarios Santorinios
Nektarios Santorinios Vice Minister of shipping and maritime island policy
Nikolaos Flaris
Nikolaos FlarisChief commander of army
George Chatzimarkos
George ChatzimarkosGovernor of South Aegean
Mihalis Kaliorakis
Mihalis Kaliorakischief of the police department of Rhodes
Fotis Chatzidiakos
Fotis ChatzidiakosMayor of Rhodes
Ioannis Tsitsikas
Ioannis Tsitsikaschief of the Fire department of Rhodes
KirillosArchbishop of Rhodes
Vasilis Karagiannis
Vasilis Karagiannisdirector of Regional education

Organizational committee

Marieta Papavasileiou
Marieta PapavasileiouVice Governor of Tourism, Sports and Culture, President
Nikos Nikolis
Nikos Nikolis appointed regional adviser of sports, member
Alexandros Bekiaris
Alexandros BekiarisHead of technical services of the municipality of Rhodes, member
Chritsos Efstratiou
Chritsos EfstratiouRegional operatioal adviser, member
Nikolaos Raptis
Nikolaos RaptisDirector of regional first grade education, member
Vasilios Zikas
Vasilios Zikas president of the EAS SEGAS Dodecanese, Vise president
Panagiotis Ioannidis
Panagiotis Ioannidisrepresentative of Rhodes Hotel Association, member
George Stergou
George StergouChief of Traffic Police
Eleni Adamaki
Eleni Adamaki Responsible for Organizational and finance, member
Adamantia Fatsea
Adamantia FatseaSustainable Educational Project Coordinator
Stefanos Kiriazis
Stefanos Kiriazispresident of DOPAR, member
George Tselios
George Tselios representative of Rhodes Hotel association, member
George Zaras
George Zarasmember
Dora Anastasiadi
Dora AnastasiadiResponsible for marketing and public relations, member
Antonis Papageorgiou
Antonis PapageorgiouRegional President of Physical education teachers, member
Michalis Pavlous
Michalis PavlousMember of central SEGAS, member
Nikos Oikonomou
Nikos Oikonomou South Aegean Region technical adviser, member
Kalliopi Frantzi
Kalliopi Frantzimember
Giannis Papadomarkakis
Giannis PapadomarkakisDirector of regional second grade education, member


Michael Pavlous President

Eleni Adamaki,Vice President, Responsible for Organizational, Orders and Finance

Dora Anastasiadi, Responsible for marketing, public relations and Sponsors

Nikos Oikonomou South Aegean Region technical adviser

Savvas Diakonikolas, vise technical director of the race

Adamantia Fatsea responsible for kids race

Cleopatra Tsitsipa, responsible for registrations and secretarial support

Eirini Farmakidou, responsible for registration center

Takis Michailidis, responsible for the route of the race

Tharreni Zanettidi responsible for the volunteeers

Dimos Bouloukos, responsible for the press room

Dimitris Gartzonis member of the press room

George Athanansiou, member of the press room

Kostas Syrtsakos , website management


Nikos Polias
Nikos PoliasGeneral technical director of the race
Savvas Diakonikolas
Savvas DiakonikolasVice technical director of the race
Takis Michailidis
Takis Michailidis responsible for the route of the race


 Cleopatra Tsitsipa
Cleopatra TsitsipaSecretarial support
Tharreni Zanettidi
Tharreni Zanettidiresponsible for the volunteers
Filippos Filippou
Filippos FilippouDepartment of Photography
Orthopedic clinic of Rhodes hospital
Orthopedic clinic of Rhodes hospitalMedical part